Empower scientists to change the world

As a member of the science team at CAS, you will join a passionate team of innovators who power world-class scientific information solutions like CAS SciFindern to give other scientists the data they need to drive innovation and improve lives.

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Collaborate with other
brilliant minds

You can connect with a global team of sophisticated people. With over 60 languages spoken, we revel in the unique knowledge, culture, and background everyone brings to CAS.

Your insights matter to us

You won’t be a bystander at CAS. In the science team, your ideas and contributions are valued and encouraged, leading you to become an active participant in our mission.

Be a part of something greater

At CAS, you get more than just a job. Enjoy professional growth opportunities, a generous benefits plan, and a crucial role in our purpose to better people’s lives with revolutionary science.

Explore scientist opportunities
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Sabina Scott sitting in a comfortable chair with her hand on the arm rest.
"People at CAS are open-minded. They share their opinions and expand your horizons, but they listen to your unique perspective, too."
—Sabina Scott, Life Sciences Capability Owner
"What I like the most about my job is the people I work with every day. I feel very connected to the people here. It's home."
—Asia Kostas, Senior Manager Scientific Information
Asia Kostas smiling.