Future Leaders Testimonials

Alumni Testimonials

"Participating in the CAS Future Leaders program taught me the importance of being intentional with my leadership across various platforms. In the weeks that I spent in the program, it provided me with versatile tools to grow and become an impactful leader. It was truly a transformative experience."
—Mahlet Garedew (2019), C&EN

"You will start the intense training with a broad range of chemists and chemical engineers from all over the world, learning all the skills needed to become a future leader, from storytelling to policy to the use of social media. You will end the program as family, with all the skills needed to lead by example."
—Dannie van Osch (2019), C&EN

"Beyond learning life lessons and skills from top leaders in the chemical industry, participating in Future Leaders gave me the opportunity to connect with inspiring scientists from all over the world, creating strong friendships with remarkable individuals who continue to be a source of support and motivation long after finishing the program."
—César A. Urbina-Blanco (2018), C&EN

"Now, looking back, it's hard to believe that I thought I was bonkers for applying. Networking may be 9-to-5, but the chemistry of CAS Future Leaders is for real."
—Lučka Bibič (2018), CAS Blog

"For a group of young scientists, strangers to one another, working in such diverse areas of chemical sciences, we connected on a level that no one had ever expected."
—Felicia Lim (2018), CAS Blog

"The CAS Future Leaders program not only changed my life, it also paved the way for so many more good things."
—Magaret Sivapragasam (2017), CAS Blog

"While I learned a lot about innovation and science communication, I also made many new friends from around the world. The CAS Future Leaders program provided a great platform of exchange that I have never experienced before."
—Torsten John (2017), C&EN

"I have always enjoyed visiting companies and experiencing what they do behind the scenes to make things possible. What I appreciate the most about visiting the Columbus office is how transparent its staff are in sharing about their work, thoughts, and future directions of the company."
—Andy Tay (2017), ACS Axial

"The CAS Future Leaders program is an experience that empowers emerging scientists across the globe by valuing different experiences and backgrounds. It’s unlike any other event I have participated in."
—Manuela Jörg (2015), C&EN

"Being part of the Future Leaders transforms your life. You never forget the moment you get that email from CAS. But more importantly, you never forget the people you meet during the program."
—Fernando Gomollon Bel (2014), CAS Blog

"There is a good camaraderie among the CAS Future Leaders, and we are global. Joining this cohort helped me realize that I could also be worldly in my career."
—Ben Naman (2014), CAS Blog

"We tap into each other’s diverse chemical backgrounds, support each other’s unique endeavors, and celebrate successes, both in the lab and out."
—H. Rachel Lagiakos (2012), C&EN


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