Getting Started with CAS STNext®

This set of short videos will give beginner CAS STNext searchers valuable tips for how to get started with a search and leverage the platform’s precision command line search capabilities.

The videos follow a sequence from signing in to CAS STNext, through conducting a search, and ending a session. New users may wish to view them in the order presented here.

1. Signing in to CAS STNext


Now that you have access to CAS STNext, this video demonstrates how you will start a session, log in and get started with a search. 

2. Transcripts in CAS STNext


Discover transcripts in CAS STNext, an important function that will keep a record of your search. In this video, you’ll learn how to rename your transcript, and how to find and download transcripts from previous searches. 

3. Selecting a Database in CAS STNext


CAS STNext connects you to a variety of powerful databases. One of the first steps in searching is selecting the database in which you will begin your search. In this video, you will learn how to explore the content and coverage of each database and select the one that best supports the your particular search. 

4. Starting a Search in CAS STNext


In this video, you will learn the basics of using commands to start and hone your search in CAS STNext. Explore some important commands and learn how to use them to retrieve information and add precision your search results. 

5. Using Truncation in CAS STNext


Explore how using truncation to search related terms can help ensure the comprehensiveness of your search in CAS STNext. In this video, will learn how to use commands to broaden your search to include related results of interest while maintaining control over the scope of the information that is retrieved.  

6. Adding Precision in CAS STNext Searches with Proximity Operators  


In this video, you will learn how proximity operators can help improve the relevance of your result set. Discover tips to ensure that your search terms appear in appropriate proximity and avoid retrieving irrelevant results. 

7. Basic Display Options in CAS STNext


Learn about the different options for displaying your results in CAS STNext, and how to select a format to meet your needs. In this video, you will explore how to control what information is displayed in your results (number of answers, format, included fields, and more).  

8. Ending Your Session in CAS STNext


This video provides some tips for ending your session in CAS STNext, including downloading your transcript, report creation options, and more. You will also learn how to use the “logoff hold” function to pause and reactivate a search.