CAS collaborated with SciFinder® customers to develop a set of "Need-to-Know Videos" that cover practical examples of SciFinder features and capabilities. Averaging only three minutes, these videos will quickly give you the information you need for using SciFinder effectively and advancing your research.

PDF resources referenced in these training videos

SciFinder Training: Find Chemistry in Full-Text Patents with PatentPak®

PatentPak is a robust patent workflow solution which offers instant access to hard-to-find chemistry in full-text patents directly in SciFinder. Learn how the interactive PatentPak Viewer allows you to move between the full text patent and SciFinder to further explore substances of interest.

Understand the Value of a Markush Structure Search

A Markush structure is a generic structure that is used in patents. In this video, learn why it is useful to conduct a Markush search.

Understand the Types of Markush Searches

A Markush structure is a generic structure that is used in patents. A SciFinder Markush search begins with a structure and returns patents that contain relevant Markush structures. In this video, see the results from the two types of SciFinder Markush searches.

Learn Why Patent Titles Can Appear Multiple Times

People often use SciFinder for preliminary patentability searches. In this video, learn why you sometimes see a patent title multiple times in your answer set. You will also learn about the patent information table, what a basic patent is, and what is meant by a “double basic.”

Use SciFinder to Research Patenting Activity

Using features in SciFinder, you can learn a lot about patenting activity in a specific field. For example you can identify potential collaborators or partners, licensing opportunities, and countries where freedom-to-operate might be available. In this video, see how to analyze a patent answer set several ways so that you can better support your research needs.