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Identify substances accurately

Utilize the world’s most trusted authoritative substance resource - CAS SciFinder®.

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Make CAS SciFinder your one true authoritative source

You need the most current and accurate substance and reaction information available to quickly and confidently inform your critical research activities with key insights.

With CAS SciFinder, you have access to the world’s most trusted an authoritative substance resource, CAS REGISTRY®.

Through the efforts of a global network of scientists, CAS aggregates, indexes, and annotates the world’s scientific scholarly journals, patents, dissertations, and seminal reference works every day to make the information fully discoverable within CAS SciFinder.

CAS SciFinder substance detail display
Key physical properties of a substance are present, with single-click access to access related references, reactions, and suppliers.
CAS SciFinder substance detail display
Find substance results that most closely match structures drawn using CAS Draw.

CAS SciFinder is your one true source for authoritatively identifying a chemical substance and its related chemical structures, chemical names, regulatory information, and properties, including the CAS Registry Number®.

"Without CAS SciFinder, finding chemicals and routes would take hours more time, and be impossible in some cases."
Source: TechValidate. TVID: 9CF-AA5-EBD
Small biopharmaceutical company

Accelerate literature review

Significantly reduce literature review time with the industry’s most advanced relevance engine.

Devise synthesis plans

Speed up synthetic planning and reduce the time required to develop your plans.

Research reactions confidently

Quickly find reaction schemes, procedures, and conditions for safer experimentation.

Inform IP strategy

Shorten the time needed to analyze the IP landscape.

Visualize search results

Make better decisions faster with user-friendly visualization tools.

Find available chemicals

Source materials during research to locate, compare, and purchase from suppliers.