SciFinderⁿ Mitigates Risk

Given the severe legal and financial consequences of missing key patents or publications, it is no wonder that research managers and executives may worry about the protection of their organization’s research. Poorly managed scientific information can have serious consequences for those looking to innovate; hence maintaining an awareness of relevant discoveries is vital. Failure to do so risks investing significant amounts of time and resources repeating the work of others. 

To combat these worries, many innovators choose SciFindern to achieve a more complete and current understanding of the relevant IP landscape. 

  • SciFindern allows a researcher to quickly access the most relevant information while maintaining full confidence in the completeness of coverage. 
  • SciFindern raises the bar further with one-of-a-kind patent Markush searching and a unique chemistry aware patent pdf viewer helping searchers to understand the current competitive landscape.
  • SciFindern provides vital insight into competitor’s strategies and emerging opportunity areas, giving your organization a competitive edge in the marketplace by maintaining an awareness of the state-of-the-art findings in your field.

With powerful search text and structure functionality coupled with access to the most comprehensive and accurate collection of substances, reactions and patent and journal literature curated by expert scientists, SciFinderⁿ is important in minimizing risk when financial or legal consequences are at stake.

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