CAS API for Workflow Integration

Seamless access to data you trust. Enable efficient innovation with point-of-use access to the CAS Content Collection™ or CAS SciFindern directly from your internal systems and workflows.

Seamless access to data you trust. Enable efficient innovation with point-of-use access to the CAS Content Collection™ or CAS SciFindern directly from your internal systems and workflows.

Authoritative CAS Data

  • CAS Registry Numbers® are the gold-standard worldwide for reliable information on chemical substances and sequences
  • The CAS Content Collection connects information published globally in more than 50 languages and 64 global patent authorities
  • Daily automated refresh maintains the most current and accurate data

Efficient Workflows

  • Point-of-use access to commonly referenced data points for your electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) and workflow automation tools
  • Reference CAS scientist-curated data and your internal research in a single search
  • Data validation minimizes errors and standardizes data

Secure and Convenient Access

  • Secure access with OAuth2 authorization and authentication
  • Flexible access options, such as existing CAS credentials or single sign-on
  • Retrieve data in XML and JSON
  • RESTful API

High-quality data makes the critical difference

The CAS Content Collection™ is trusted by innovation leaders world-wide. We integrate our scientist-curated data into your workflows through a collaborative process that tailors content and technologies to best meet your unique objectives. 

The CAS application programming interface (API) supports many use cases, like those shown below. Contact us to discuss the best way to speed up your workflows.

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Unite data across sources

A single compound is represented in many ways, making it difficult to harmonize data across departments, systems, suppliers, and locations. CAS Registry Numbers (CAS RN), the global universal identifier, can standardize chemical names and structures, add synonyms, and unite data in your LIMS, ELNs, and other internal systems. Read the case study on how Improved Data Integrity Enhances R&D Efficiency.

graphic showing how CAS API can unify data sources

Focus drug discovery

Access to diverse, high-quality data enables your models to identify and prioritize novel drug candidates more accurately. The CAS Content Collection includes SAR data, as well as biological data such as targets, ligands, and pharmacological properties. Better starting places enable your research efforts to be more focused, improving success and speed-to-market.

graphic showing CAS API use in drug target candidate identification

Optimize cheminformatics workflows

Directly query the CAS Content Collection in Python or workflow/ETL solutions. Integrate key data such as chemical substances, structures, properties, and reference data to drive the success of virtual screening, machine learning, and predictive analytics. Read how MoA Technology integrated CAS chemical substance data into novel herbicide R&D workflow.

graphic showing how CAS API can assist cheminformatics workflow

Integrating the unique [CAS] scientist-curated substance data collection with our novel AI-driven, in-vivo high-throughput screening platform greatly enhances our ability to accurately prioritize compounds most likely to have herbicide activity from an untapped chemical space with minimal off-target effects.