Scilligence and CAS Collaborate to Integrate SciFinder with ELN.

Columbus, Ohio and Boston, Massachusetts (January 6, 2020) - CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, partnered with Scilligence to integrate SciFindern with Scilligence ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook). This integration helps scientists simplify their workflow by allowing easy access to vital research information in SciFindern and maintaining traceability of their ideas. Structure and reaction searches in the SciFindern content collection can be initiated directly from Scilligence ELN.

"Reference-to-idea traceability has always been a challenge for researchers due to the cumbersome nature of keeping track of reference information. As SciFindern is the leading solution used by scientists globally to search the scientific literature, the integration of SciFindern with Scilligence ELN makes this task easier for scientists, saving time and increasing productivity”, said Jinbo Lee, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Scilligence 

Integration of SciFindern with Scilligence ELN provides various search options directly from Scilligence ELN. Researchers can search by reaction, patent Markush, reference, substance, and supplier. Advanced algorithms developed by CAS scientists and technologists allow researchers to search smarter and find answers faster, accelerating research. The application allows users to open multiple result sets at once, and extensive filtering and Boolean search options in SciFindern help users quickly find the most relevant results. 

With the SciFindern integration, scientists will have access to all the relevant information associated with their experiment within Scilligence ELN, which includes a variety of experimental templates. Users can quickly access all of the data within SciFindern with a click of a button directly from Scilligence ELN. 

“CAS is committed to the continuous enhancement of scientists’ experience with SciFindern and CAS content. We welcome opportunities to more deeply integrate our solutions into our customers’ workflows to improve the effectiveness of their daily activities. The integration of SciFindern with Scilligence ELN accomplishes this by eliminating additional steps in our users’ workflow, providing actionable information more quickly and efficiently”, said Tim Wahlberg, Vice President of Product Management at CAS.

The SciFindern content collection includes millions of references, substances, reactions, properties and suppliers. Users can search references and patents with text and keywords. Substances and reactions can be searched as drawn, by substructure, and by similarity. Substances include both organic and inorganic as well as protein and nucleic acid sequences. The integration supports both single and multi-step reactions. Suppliers can be searched as drawn and include catalog items and CAS Registry Numbers®. Users have the ability to use the Markush search to find location, filter by patent office, and access the PatentPak® viewer

The integration will greatly benefit researchers by giving them direct access to patent documents, step-by-step synthetic procedures and methods, and product yields right from their ELN. Researchers will be able to make better decisions with relevant knowledge and insights. CAS and Scilligence are proud to be part of a project that enhances workflows for scientists and ultimately accelerates research and look forward to further developing the integration’s features. 

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