Date & Time

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

10:00am – 11:00am EDT


Foreseeing Product Trends with CAS Formulus​



In this webinar we will take you on a CAS Formulus data journey that may just help you get ahead of competitors' formulations of future products. Find formulation common threads that create trends through food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and agriculture using ingredients like spirulina.

We will demonstrate how to overcome particular challenges by examining what others have done. You'll discover the following during this talk: ​

  • - Where market trends start and perceptions are established​
  • - How to find common threads through market trends ​
  • - How others have lowered regulatory barriers so you can forge ahead ​


Written By

Molly Strausbaugh

Assistant Director, Product & Content Operations

Molly is the Product Manager for Formulus and leads the Content Operations specialty database, and services operations unit. She has been working for CAS for 16 years and has handled a multitude of responsibilities in product development and content curation efforts. Molly works with organizations to help solve business, content, technology, and resource challenges. Molly leverages her bachelor’s degree in chemistry and an MBA to serve as a leader and active participant in global chemistry activities.

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