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SciFinder-n webinar schedule

Join us at our upcoming webinars to learn more about SciFinderⁿ and other CAS products. 


    Whether you are coming up to speed for a new project, performing a competitive analysis, or seeking VC funding, building from what is already known in patent and journal literature is essential for making business decisions quickly and with confidence. 

    But with the available scientific literature growing rapidly not only in volume but also in complexity and inter-connectedness, efficient searching can be a real challenge. And Google can only take you so far. To meet these challenges, R&D organizations turn to SciFindern to help manage their scientific research information. 

    SciFindern, the newest and most advanced offering in the SciFinder® family, empowers scientists to quickly find the most relevant, actionable literature references that will advance their research forward.  

    This webinar will reveal how SciFindern improves search effectiveness and efficiency, allowing significant benefits in time savings and increased confidence in decision making.

    In this webinar, you will learn how to: 

    • Frame highly effective search strategies, including free text and Boolean operations to optimize reference search effectiveness. 
    • Employ a wealth of useful filtering tools to efficiently and effectively navigate search results. 
    • Fully explore resulting answers for key information including chemically annotated patents and analytical and formulation content. 
    • Utilize citation searching to discover essential seminal research and reviews that get you up to speed fast.