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Confidently zero in on the answers that are most important to you. SciFinder’s® sort, analyze and refine tools save you time and increase your productivity as you explore answer sets from the world’s largest and most trusted source for chemistry and related science information.

Sort answers to bring the information you need to the top of your answer set.

  • Quickly find the most important answers including references by the number of times cited. Eliminate the need to scan unranked substances or references, or manually extract subsets of the answer set.
  • Easily get the reaction that fits your workflow with options to sort answers by experimental procedure availability, number of steps and product yield.

    Conveniently organize citations by influential articles of interest, trace research history and identify leading authors, research concepts and potential collaborators.


    Analyze your results to better understand and navigate through complex or emerging technology.

    • Quickly find what information is available.
    • Easily analyze answer sets by bioactivity and target indicators, document types, reaction steps, authors, organizations, preferred commercial suppliers and more!
    • Categorize results with the ability to quickly organize references by CAS’ unique science taxonomy and index terms.


    Refine or narrow your search to the best possible solutions.

    • Save time and find the specific answer you’re looking for with the ability to refine by property values, atom attachments, references, substances and reactions
    Sort, analyze, and refine answer sets in SciFinder
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