Configuring SciFinder Proxy Settings in ChemDraw

Almost There!

We Just Need to Activate Your ChemDraw/SciFinder Connection.

Please follow the steps below to activate your proxy connection to ChemDraw/SciFinder:

1. Sign in to access SciFinder® as you would normally when using your institution's proxy and then open a SciFinder Explore page.

2. Copy the SciFinder proxy access URL shown in the address bar of the Explore page. This URL contains the information we need to activate the Search SciFinder feature for you.

(Note: There are several URL solutions but this is our recommended approach.If you have trouble with this, your library website or science librarian can help you.)

Example of a SciFinder proxy connection URL

3. Return to ChemDraw and click the Search SciFinder button to re-initiate your search. SciFinder logo small

4. Click the Proxy Settings button to begin the one-time setup for the proxy connection.

Screenshot of SciFinder proxy settings in ChemDraw


 5. Paste the URL you copied or obtained in Step 2 (from the Explore page) and then click the OK button to finish.

screenshot of SciFinder proxy settings in ChemDraw

6. Click the OK button in the Search SciFinder window to complete your search.

screenshot of SciFinder proxy settings in ChemDraw

Note: ChemDraw retains your proxy settings for future use.

If you have additional issues or questions please contact the CAS Customer Center.

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