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Login to SciFinder

All Chemistry Class Advantage (CCA) lessons include questions that involve SciFinder searches. To guarantee access to SciFinder and ACS Publications while off campus, you must access CCA through your university Proxy server or access portal (VPN). 

Your school provides access to SciFinder for undergraduate science majors. If you already have a SciFinder ID and password, use those login credentials when completing SciFinder-related questions in your Chemistry Class AdvantageTM assigned lessons.
If you have forgotten your SciFinder username or password, use the “Forgot Username or Password” link to retrieve or reset your login credentials.

If you do not have a SciFinder account, your school supports self-registration so you can set up your own account. Check with the school’s SciFinder key contact (often a librarian) or visit the school intranet.

SciFinder® is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week with the following exceptions (all times Eastern Standard time zone):

  • Saturday 22:00 to Sunday 01:00
  • On the first Saturday of each month, 17:00 to Sunday 01:00

During this planned downtime, SciFinder will not be available. If you are having trouble accessing SciFinder and it is not during a planned update, please contact


Searching in SciFinder

SciFinder allows researchers to retrieve information about substances, reactions, journals and patents. There are several ways to build queries in SciFinder; some of the common search types are demonstrated in the 9 videos below:

Reference search using keyword/topic


Reference search using keyword/topic with refinement


Research Topic Employing Advanced Search


Reference search using citation


Reference Search Using Journal and Author Information


Substance search using CAS Registry Number®


Substance search using substance name


Substance search using structure drawing


Reaction search using reaction drawing



Accessing ACS journal articles

Chemistry Class Advantage leverages real world research as published in original articles. As part of the lessons you will retrieve specific journal articles using SciFinder. In addition to reading the abstract of the journal article, you will often need to read the full text of the article.

To access the full text of a reference, click the Other Sources link under the article title (as seen below in SciFinder):

Screenshot of Other Sources option in Chemistry Class Advantage

If you are unable to retrieve the full text of an assigned article, check with your professor to ensure that your school subscribes to the journal. If your school has an active subscription to the journal and you still cannot access the full text (HTML or PDF), please email or call 1-888-338-0012 between 8:30AM and 5:00PM EST.



Smart Sparrow connectivity

Chemistry Class Advantage uses Smart Sparrow (a cloud-based learning platform) to deliver your lessons. Your professor has enrolled you in a series of lessons using your school email address.

You should receive email invitations to the lessons and a temporary password from Smart Sparrow. The first time you click thru a lesson invitation, Smart Sparrow will ask you to complete your profile and create a password. NOTE: The lessons are private, so only the school email addresses entered by the professor will be able to access the lessons.

If you have trouble logging into Smart Sparrow, use the reset password function on the login screen. Be sure to use your school email address and not a personal email address.

After logging into Smart Sparrow, you will see a list of assigned/available lessons. Check with your professor about start and end dates for your lessons if you don’t see a particular lesson.

If your network connection is interrupted, you may receive an error indicating your connection was lost. Logging back into Smart Sparrow will get you back to your list of available lessons. Smart Sparrow is able to remember where you left off, so even if there is an interruption you don’t have to start a lesson over from the beginning.


Pausing or restarting a lesson

If you simply want to take a break while taking a lesson, Smart Sparrow will remember the last question you completed when you logout. When you return to the lesson, the most recent page will be displayed. You can navigate back to previous screens to review content and questions, but will not be able to edit your answers.

The Smart Sparrow delivery platform used by Chemistry Class Advantage also allows students to restart a lesson – and wipe out any previous answers.

To restart, open the menu in the upper right corner and click Restart Lesson.

Screenshot of Chemistry Class Advantage Restart Menu

REMEMBER: When you restart a lesson, all your previous work in the lesson will be deleted and you will have to advance through each question.


Questions about organic chemistry

Chemistry Class Advantage is intended to extend your knowledge of underlying organic chemistry and how it is applied in the real world. If you are having trouble understanding the organic chemistry topics covered in a Chemistry Class Advantage lesson, refer back to your textbook, lecture notes, or contact your professor for tutoring on the foundational chemistry concepts. 


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