ChemPlanner® is a state-of-the-art workflow tool that uses computer-aided synthesis design (CASD) to help chemists efficiently identify the best synthetic routes from commercially available building blocks to their target molecules. Combining a large curated database of published reactions with algorithmically derived reaction rules, ChemPlanner delivers novel syntheses backed by millions of empirical reactions.

ChemPlanner synthesis scheme

Creativity, Productivity, and Efficiency

By saving you literature-search time and pointing out alternative routes, ChemPlanner can accelerate your design-synthesis-test cycle, and empowers you to achieve more and be more creative.

ChemPlanner uses chemical knowledge derived from literature precedents to generate novel syntheses, allowing you to consider alternative synthetic approaches, as well as methods that may be beyond your area of expertise.This search not only provides relevant published reactions, but also uses their underpinning chemistry to generate novel reactions in a predictive manner.


  • Reduce the risk of missing synthetic opportunities
  • Find more efficient routes
  • Consolidate reaction and structure searches into a single, route-oriented search

Future Opportunities

In May 2017, CAS and Wiley announced a strategic collaboration through which CAS has assumed exclusive responsibility for the development and distribution of ChemPlanner.  ChemPlanner is currently being enhanced with a wealth of additional reaction content and associated references, including reactions from patents.  This powerful new version of ChemPlanner will soon be delivered exclusively in SciFindern, the new research solution that exponentially elevates scientific discovery.

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