CAS collaborated with SciFinder customers to develop a set of videos that cover practical, real-world examples of SciFinder features and capabilities. Averaging only three minutes, these videos will quickly give you the information you need for using SciFinder effectively and advancing your research.

SciFinder Training: Find Polymers Using Molecular Formulas

See how to format a molecular formula to search for: 1. polymers made from specific monomers, 2. the structural repeating unit (SRU) of a polymerized substance, and 3. polymers with end groups.

Find Polymers Using Monomers

Learn how to use an exact structure search to find polymers that include the drawn monomer(s) with or without additional monomers.

Find Polymers Using Structural Repeating Units

Know the structural repeating unit (SRU) of a polymer? Watch this video to see how to find polymers that contain that SRU.

Search Polymer Reactions

Learn how to find polymer reaction information. You will learn how to search reactions based on either monomer structures or a structural repeating unit (SRU).

Search Hybrid or Post-treated Polymers

Using four different examples, learn techniques to find hybrid polymers. 1) Learn how to conduct a molecular formula search of a hybrid polymer. 2) See how to limit the number of monomers in a polymer structure search only to the ones you draw. 3) Find information about post-treated polymers even when their structures are only partly defined. 4) Search polymers with one unidentified component.