Need to Know - General Topics

CAS collaborated with SciFinder customers to develop a set of "Need-to-Know" Videos that cover practical examples of SciFinder features and capabilities. Averaging only three minutes, these videos will quickly give you the information you need for using SciFinder effectively and advancing your research. 

Save and Combine Search Results

In this video, you’ll learn how to save search results and then combine saved answer sets to create a single, merged answer set.


Focus Answer Sets with Analyze

In this video, see how Analyze can help you to focus all three types of answer sets: references, substances and reactions. A comparison of Refine versus Analyze is also included.


Optimize Navigating SciFinder

Although SciFinder is very intuitive, are you getting the most out of it? Watch this short video to see how all of the navigation works so that you can save time and optimize your use of SciFinder.


Narrow Your Answer Set with Refine Options

You can use Refine in SciFinder to narrow the size of your answer set based on the criteria that you select. In this video, you will see how refine is useful with three types of answer sets: references, substances and reactions