Research Reactions Confidently

Fuel your research with the world’s most trusted reactions source – CAS SciFinder.

Fuel your research with the world’s most trusted reactions source – CAS SciFinder.


Trust CAS SciFinder to identify reaction details

Your research requires accurate details on chemical reactions, allowing you to confidently progress through each phase based on authoritative learnings.

Through the efforts of a global network of scientists, CAS aggregates, indexes, and annotates the world’s scientific scholarly journals, patents, dissertations, and seminal reference works daily to make the information fully discoverable within CAS SciFinder.

Reveal the reaction schemes, step-by-step experimental procedures, detailed conditions, and product yields necessary for you to make confident decisions, all in a single solution.


CAS SciFinder reactions answer set display
Identify the chemical components of reactions and quickly access reference sources.


CAS SciFinder substance detail display
When viewing the details of a substance, you can access relevant reactions with a single click.

Without CAS SciFinder , finding chemicals and routes would take hours more time, and be impossible in some cases.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 9CF-AA5-EBD


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