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2022 Issues

December 2022
  • New links to National Patent Office registers
  • Expanded access to Taiwanese patent information
  • Reloads of PS, EPFULL, and PCTFULL
October 2022
  • New claims locations features in CAS PatentPak®
  • Sharing of CAS STNext results with CAS SciFindern users
  • Customization options for patent information reporting
July 2022
  • SMARTracker SDI now supported in Derwent Chemistry Resource and World Patents Index
  • Enhanced claims coverage in Derwent World Patents Index
  • Claims for four additional patent authorities added to CA/CAplus
March 2022
  • New prior art analysis tools in STNext®
  • Reload of Derwent World Patents Index files
  • Enhancements to PATGENE, GENESEQ, and USGENE sequence databases


2021 Issues

December 2021
  • PATGENE reload and enhancements
  • EMTREE updated (September 2021)
  • Reloads for NTIS and RDISCLOSURE
  • Claims coverage expanded and enhanced in CAplus and CA
August 2021
  • EMTREE updated (May 2021)
  • Enhancements to Structure Editor in STNext
  • Higher quality structure query images
  • Improved system uptime
March 2021
  • Patent Status Indicators in new PSPI tables in CA and CAplus records
  • January 2021 Update to EMTREE now available
  • The STN IP Protection Suite
  • ReaxysFileSub and companion bibliographic database ReaxysFileBib now available on STNext

2020 Issues

July 2020
  • Numeric Property Search has been added to USPATFULL and USPAT2

  • May 2020 Update to Emtree® Now Available on STN®

  • New information for COVID-19 added for STN users

April 2020
  • Expedited processing for COVID-19 related articles
  • Added lexicon terms for COVID-19
  • 2020 Version of Medline now available
  • January 2020 update to EMTREE®


2019 Issues

Dec. 2019
  • New CAS Formulations Database on STNext® 
  • PatentPak® now available in USPATFULL and USPAT2
  • Enhancements to DEFULL and INPADOC
  • Updates to World Surface Coatings Abstracts (file WSCA)
  • Derwent Markush Resource (DWPIM) Database Enhancements
  • Second 2019 update to Emtree® now available on STN
  • Major Coverage Enhancements for US legal status information in INPADOC
  • PatentPak® Coverage Expands to Include 14 Additional Patent Authorities
  • Web Address Change for new STN
  • More Powerful Searching Comes to STNext® with Expanded Search Limits
  • Best practices for STN passwords
  • Full-text patent databases FRFULL and GBFULL reloaded and enhanced on STNext
  • CPC Combination Sets Now Fully Available in Derwent World Patents Index®
  • Top Reasons STN Search Professionals Switch to STNext
  • From the Help Desk
  • 2019 Medline Refresh
  • Emtree updated in EMBASE
  • MARPAT® Search Algorithm Updated


2018 Issues

  • BLAST Alignment Reports now in STNext®
  • Emtree updated for third time in 2018
  • Derwent Markush Resource (DWPIM) available in STNext
  • Scripting with data files in STNext (an introduction)
  • Latest Version of Emtree
  • Web Security Update
  • Use Folders as Organizational Tools in STNext


2017 Issues

  • Recent STNext® enhancements
  • Using scripts for automated searches in STNext
  • Introducing STNext
  • The importance of Deleted Registry Numbers in Ensuring Comprehensive Substance Search Results
  • Latest Release of New STN Enhances Search History and Expands Database Coverage
  • Additional MEDLINE Unique Records Being Added to Embase
  • Adis Databases on STN Refreshed
  • 2017 Version of MEDLINE is Now Available
  • NOT Proximity Operators: Eliminate Unwanted References
  • Emtree Introduces 930 New Terms


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