What to Include for Inventory Expert Service Submission

Please include the following information for CAS Inventory Expert Service processing.

Completed Inventory Expert Service Order Form

  • Indicate Rush service (if applicable)
  • CAS RN® (if desired; CA Index Name is standard output)
  • Signature and Date

For a Class 1 Substance* - See PMN Page 4

  • Molecular Formula
  • Descriptive Chemical Name (if possible)
  • Structure

For a Class 2 Nonpolymeric Substance** - See PMN Page 4

  • CAS RNs for starting materials
  • Process Information
  • Composition
  • Representative Structure (of final product)

For a Class 2 Polymeric Substance** - See PMN Page 5

  • Descriptive chemical name, CAS RN and percentage of each starting monomer
  • Representative Structure with monomers linked together
  • Free Radical Initiator, CAS RN and percentage (if needed)
  • All monomers and initiators indicated applying the 2% rule

*Class 1 Substances:

Chemical substances which are single compounds composed of molecules with particular atoms arranged in a definite, known structure.

**Class 2 Substances:

Chemical substances with a variable composition or composed of a complex combination of different molecules. Class 2 substances can be further subdivided into 3 subgroups.

  • The first subgroup includes substances which can be represented by definite Hill ordered molecular formulae but have variable structural diagrams.
  • The second subgroup includes substances which can be represented by definite molecular formulae but have unknown structural diagrams.
  • The third subgroup includes representations of substances that have no definite molecular formula representation and either partial structure diagrams or no structural diagrams - often referred to as UVCBs (Unknown or Variable Composition, Complex Reaction Products and Biological Materials).