A collection of feature articles, case studies, and whitepapers from CAS. News and trends spanning scientific research and information technology.

A collection of feature articles, case studies, and whitepapers from CAS. News and trends spanning scientific research and information technology.

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In This Together: CAS Joining Forces with Researchers and Data Scientists to Accelerate COVID-19 Treatments

With millions of confirmed COVID-19 cases, and many more likely going untested, researchers around the world are racing to find solutions to this daunting challenge. Approved drugs are being explored as treatments for those afflicted, vaccines to prevent the long-term spread are in development, as well as many other efforts beyond drug discovery. To keep frontline healthcare professionals safe, manufacturers are reimagining production processes to make critical supplies, such as hand sanitizer and mask filters, testing methods are being optimized to be faster and more accurate, materials for new germ-resistant masks are being developed and new systems to sterilize medical equipment are being designed.

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CAS Releases Open Access Dataset of Antiviral Chemical Compounds to Aid COVID-19 Discovery and Analysis

CAS has released an open access dataset of chemical compounds with known or potential antiviral activity to support COVID-19 research and data mining. The dataset contains nearly 50,000 chemical substances assembled from the CAS REGISTRY® that have antiviral activity reported in published literature or are structurally similar to known antivirals. Available to download now.


Mind the Gap: Future-Proof Your IP Strategy for Innovation and Risk Management

Just how resilient is your intellectual property strategy? Given the growing commercial importance of intellectual property (IP) assets and the dynamic nature of the modern R&D landscape, it’s a critical question that many businesses simply can’t ignore.


Beating COVID-19: Insights and strategies for new vaccines and therapies

The outbreak of COVID-19, caused by the new virus SARS-CoV-2, has spread rapidly across the world. Since the first report from Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019, the total numbers of confirmed cases and COVID-19-related deaths worldwide have continued to escalate. Now declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (“WHO”), COVID-19 has already overwhelmed healthcare systems in many countries and is expected to impose a major impact on the world economy.


Research and Development on Therapeutic Agents and Vaccines for COVID-19 and Related Human Coronavirus Diseases

To support R&D on COVID-19, CAS has produced a special report to provide an overview of published scientific information with an emphasis on patents in the CAS content collection. It highlights antiviral strategies involving small molecules and biologics targeting complex molecular interactions involved in coronavirus infection and replication. The drug-repurposing effort documented herein focuses primarily on agents known to be effective against other RNA viruses including SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV.

Press Releases

CAS and PatSnap Forge Strategic Partnership that Unites Market-leading Scientific Content and AI-powered Technology to Accelerate Global Innovation

This CAS and PatSnap partnership unites market-leading scientific content and AI-powered technology to accelerate global innovation. Collaboration strengthens leading sci-tech information solutions to deliver enhanced insight across R&D and IP workflows.


Improve Efficiencies and Mitigate Risk with Comprehensive IP Searches for Formulations

Obtaining accurate and reliable intellectual property (IP) information can make or break a company’s success. To minimize the risk of patent rejections and avoid inadvertent infringement on an existing patent, formulations IP searching is an integral component of the product development pipeline.


Hydrogen Fuel - Insights into a Growing Market

Download this in-depth CAS Market Report to gain insight into the evolution of hydrogen fuel technology, the global innovation landscape, key market trends and potential applications and opportunities.


Organizing Vital Data to Unlock Innovation from Brazil’s Biodiversity

While hosting 15-20% of Earth’s biological diversity, a substantial part of Brazil’s abundant biodiversity remains underexplored. A lack of organized information made it exceedingly difficult for researchers to search, screen or even compare relevant chemical substances. This was hindering their ability to identify new targets, build on prior discovery and drive innovation.