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Recent advances support scalability of COVID-19 diagnostic testing

The COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, continues to grip the world. Large-scale testing is required for countries to successfully limit infections and mortality rates, and is key to easing many lockdown restrictions. In this unprecedented crisis, every hour matters when it comes to identifying and preventing further spread of this virus.

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Optimizing AI for improved retrosynthesis predictions

Find a better route: Optimizing AI for more novel synthetic predictions

AI and machine learning models aid in retrosynthetic planning, but are limited by the training data they have seen. Read on to learn about ways to generate novel predictions by ensuring your data has the necessary diversity and quality to optimize key synthetic planning initiatives.

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Agile, it's not just for tech teams anymore

Read on to see what key benefits CAS marketing is attributing to Agile less than one year in on our journey, as well as some lessons we have learned along the way that your teams may want to consider if they are embarking on or optimizing an Agile practice.

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The importance of leadership skills in the scientific workforce

Successful scientists must be able to convincingly explain their research, be able to differentiate themselves in a sea of funding applications and speak confidently about their research to other scientists and non-scientists. These skills are not always emphasized in the academic environment, but are necessary to establish and run a successful research team.

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