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Improve Productivity with SciFinderⁿ
New evidence reveals that SciFinderⁿ improves research efficiency by over 50%. To find out how SciFinderⁿ can help your organization, read our market research report: SciFinderⁿ Improves R&D Productivity. Read more
Identifying Under-Explored Targets for IBD-Poster
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Improved Data Integrity Enhances R&D Efficiency
Data silos can compromise the value of digital assets and decrease efficiency. Through harmonization and standardization of internal data, a savings of more than $800,000 annually is projected. Read more
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CAS Accelerates Product Development with Launch of Specialized Formulations Solutions
CAS has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of Formulus®, a new solution aimed at getting innovations to market faster by addressing the unique information needs of formulations scientists. Read more
Emerging Trends in Drug Delivery
Emerging Trends in Drug Delivery is a CAS whitepaper which highlights four technologies that have shown particular growth in recent years and are expected to be key innovation areas in the future. Read more
Five Overlooked IP Gaps That Can Derail Your Innovation Strategy
Download this CAS whitepaper and learn five often overlooked IP gaps that can hinder innovation strategy. Read more
Press Releases
CAS Drives Increase in R&D Productivity with Launch of Breakthrough Retrosynthesis Planner in SciFinder-n
CAS drives Increase in R&D productivity with launch of breakthrough Retrosynthesis Planner in SciFinder-n. This
unites advanced technology with CAS’s unmatched collection of chemical reaction data to increase efficiency of chemical synthesis planning. Read more
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Impact of Data Quality on Machine Learning Results
Enhancing the quality of the input data alone, without changing the algorithm, impacts prediction accuracy of an algorithm designed to assess the biological activity of compounds relative to different targets. Read more
Global Science & Technology Trends Report: Vaccine R&D
Vaccines are a cost-effective and durable medical strategy for disease prevention in public health efforts worldwide. As the focus of medicine expands from disease treatment to disease prevention, the vaccine industry should witness even more rapid development. This CAS whitepaper looks at key R&D trends. Read more