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Understanding the nanotechnology in COVID-19 vaccines
Lipid nanoparticles are a vital component of the new Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, by protecting and transporting the mRNA effectively to the right place in cells. Read more
Do other vaccines protect you from COVID-19?
Research has revealed correlations between COVID-19 severity and a patient’s vaccination history. Read more
Structurally Novel Small Molecule Drugs Outperformed in 2020 – Infographic
Download this CAS infographic to see structures and information about new structurally novel small molecule drugs approved by the FDA in 2020. Read more
Drugs approved by the FDA in 2020 reflect continuing trend of structural innovation
Avoiding Costly IP Missteps: Insights for high-quality due diligence searches
Ammonium Nitrate Safety - electronic brochure
Explore this interactive brochure that provides an overview of the chemistry of ammonium nitrate, the key processes in its manufacture, and important guidelines for safer handling and storage. Read more
Optimizing our “new normal” to achieve exceptional innovation in 2021 and beyond
Case Studies
ICL Discovers New Uses for Waste Compounds with Better Data Connections  
Repurposing chemicals requires first uncovering the right insights from vast amounts of research. This case study shows how CAS enabled the efficient discovery of application leads for 75% of ICL’s target byproduct compounds. Read more
Oh, what a year it’s been! Lessons learned amid the pandemic