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What is MethodsNow?

The foundation of most scientific research is the detailed description of the experimental and analytical techniques utilized in the lab. Finding these methods and protocols in the literature is time consuming. MethodsNow® is a single source for searching and comparing the latest published scientific methods by featuring step-by-step instructions that you can take right to the lab in areas like pharmacology, HPLC, food analysis, natural product isolation analysis and water analysis.

MethodsNow At A Glance:

Saves Time
Easy to understand
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How Does MethodsNow Help?

Available as a standalone solution or integrated with SciFinderⁿ and SciFinder®, MethodsNow makes it simple to locate, compare and understand analytical methods from top journals and patents to get you back in the lab faster.

  • Saves time with easy access to method details from millions of disclosed procedures
  • Compares analytical methods side-by-side to understand key similarities and differences
  • Organizes experimental details in easy-to-read format
  • Provides materials, instrumentation, conditions and more

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