CAS SciFinder FAQ

What should I do if I forget my username or password?
To recover your information, complete this form.

Can I update the information I provided when I registered?
Yes, you can update your password, email address and other personal information at any time via your CAS Profile. Log in with your CAS SciFinder username and password.

Where can I find the latest technical information about CAS SciFinder (e.g., system requirements, What’s New)?
This information can be found in the About CAS SciFinder section of the in-product Help.

Are there any scheduled downtimes for system maintenance?
No, you can access CAS SciFinder at any time.

Are there any limits to how CAS SciFinder can be used?
Please refer to the CAS SciFinder Terms of Use

Are there FAQs specifically for CAS SciFinder users in academia?
Yes. Please see our FAQ for academic researchers.

Why did my reaction structure search only return single-step reactions?
Use the "Get Reactions" button from a substance record to retrieve the most complete set of results, including reactions where your substance is the product or reactant, and both single and multi-step reactions.

What type of information can be searched using the All Search function in CAS SciFinder?
With All Search, enter keywords, CAS Registry Numbers, patent numbers or accession numbers to retrieve information related to substances, references, reactions and suppliers.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?
Please contact the CAS Customer Center.

*Content and features/functionality may vary based upon product license.

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