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Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube
Idea in brief: Emerging trends and future opportunities for carbon nanotubes

Biomedicine, batteries, and more could be revolutionized by carbon nanotubes. See the full range of their applications.

Atividade cerebral: danos cerebrais humanos, rede neural
Publicação do CAS e da Westlake University sobre biomateriais: relatório completo

Este relatório técnico detalhado, publicado em colaboração com a Westlake University, discute o cenário dos biomateriais e como esse campo está mudando rapidamente.

middle aged woman with mobility issues
Are inverse vaccines the cure for autoimmune diseases?

Sharing new research on inverse vaccines, potential new breakthroughs in treating autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes and celiac disease

Cadeia de aminoácidos ou biomoléculas chamada proteína
Avanços biomédicos em materiais de autocura

Consultar como os materiais de autocura que incluem ligações químicas reversíveis estão remodelando o tratamento de feridas, a administração de medicamentos e a regeneração de tecidos em nossa análise de cenário mais recente.

Male Doctor and Patient Examining brain MRI
Ending Alzheimer's: Emerging trends in biomarkers, gene therapy, and more

Biomarkers, personalized medicine and gene therapies are fueling research breakthroughs. Discover new treatments targeting genetics and protein buildup to manage this devastating disease.

Organic, bio cosmetics healthy concept with Petri Dishes
Evolving beauty: The rise of sustainable and natural ingredients for cosmetics

Learn about the shift towards sustainable and natural ingredients in cosmetics, supported by data from the CAS Content Collection™.

Human brain
From sci-fi to reality: brain-computer interfaces and the future of bioelectronics

Bioelectronics: Merging man and machine. Explore the latest advancements in brain-computer interfaces, materials, and their potential to revolutionize medicine.

baby feet
Webinar: Nano meets medicine, biosensors redefine outcomes

Nanoscale materials are bridging the gap between nanotechnology and bioelectronics, paving the way for highly sensitive biosensors.

Molecular model of messenger ribonucleic acid mRNA
Types of antisense oligonucleotides: Advancing therapeutic frontiers

Different types of antisense oligonucleotide therapies, such as exosomes and nanoparticles, offering new hope in genetic medicine.

Human cell and virus cells
Emerging trends in global biothreat detection

Learn how emerging trends in AI are impacting CBRNE threat detection and mitigation.

A digital art image depicting a dark, circular center surrounded by a radiant halo of glowing blue and green light strands, resembling an eye or an abstract explosion. The background is a deep blue, enhancing the vibrancy of the colors.
How nanotechnology delivers massive change in energy, biomedicine and more.

Unlock the potential of nanotechnology. Explore breakthroughs and challenges in energy, biomedicine, and more in our executive summary.

Molecular Structure
Simplify and trust your next patent search with database clusters in CAS STNext®

CAS STNext clusters can accelerate prior art search by accessing multiple curated databases, saving time and ensuring reliable results.

IP Services
Reaching the ‘triple point’ of patent search expertise: Practices of a successful scientific IP professional

David Saari, Ph.D., shares his thoughts on blending science, law, and technology in IP, highlighting the competitive edge of multidisciplinary expertise.

Salt and pepper shakers on a restaurant table, with sweeteners nearby.
Unraveling the science behind artificial sweeteners

Uncover the science behind sweeteners, their health impacts, R&D trends, and investment data.

Human brain
Can we cure Huntington's? Research trends in PolyQ and rare diseases

While no cure exists for PolyQ diseases like Huntington's, new breakthroughs, therapies, and research could change that.

Mauro and Chris
Challenges and opportunities in discovering novel drugs for “undruggable” targets

We speak with Mauro Mileni, Ph.D., and Chris Roth, Ph.D., about how their company is leveraging specific technology to fill an innovative drug pipeline.

Close up of invasive colon cancer cells
16 billion reasons for hope: How biomarkers are reshaping cancer outcomes

Biomarkers could help doctors catch cancer earlier, cure it more frequently, and perform treatments with fewer risks.

Particles data wave
Predicting and countering chemical threats: The strategic role of data-driven technologies

Data-driven technologies play a pivotal role in swift analysis and quick response to chemical threats.

nuclear battery
Nuclear power in your pocket? 50-year battery innovation

Pocket-sized nuclear batteries are here. Discover their potential and limitations, from powering wearables to tackling radioactive waste.

A close up of computer chips
Science fact vs. fiction: Can we recycle semiconductors?

Recycling semiconductors was once a far-off dream. However, new research and technology shows that this could become reality.

Sugar substitute on color background
Is aspartame safe? The landscape of artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes

Explore the science behind sweeteners, their health impact, and emerging alternatives.

white blood cells
Webinar: Big data insights in the quest to cure cancer

Experts discuss emerging trends in immuno-oncology, data challenges, and opportunities ahead for cancer researchers.

DNA sequencing illustration
IP trends and opportunities: RNA therapeutics

See key insights on emerging RNA IP trends and possibilities for future innovations in this executive summary.

Different types of tablets in blister packaging and jars on the table.
Idea in brief: battling antibiotic resistant infections

As antimicrobial resistance becomes a larger problem, new approaches to battling infections are emerging.

A close-up image of several translucent, spherical cells with a blue outer layer and an orange-red, textured inner core. These cells appear to be floating in a blue, hazy environment, giving a microscopic view typically seen in biological studies.
Keeping a finger on the pulse of exosome IP and innovation

The landscape of exosomes has become highly competitive. See all the recent investments, innovations, and commercial opportunities.

Green Fertilizer
Infographic: Sustainable crops start with green(er) fertilizers

See how new innovations like biorefineries, waste repurposing, and materials are reshaping the future of sustainable fertilizers.

Entrepreneur discussing with colleagues on video call
Webinar: Scientific breakthroughs and emerging trends to watch in 2024

Experts from Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Oak Ridge National Lab, The Ohio State University, and CAS discuss major research trends in 2024.

Two Asian female friends visiting her female patient in the hospital ward
How biomarkers unlock faster cancer detection, improving outcomes

As cancer is projected to increase, finding stronger therapeutics is more urgent. Biomarkers offer a potential solution for better diagnosis and treatment.

Liquid based cytology microscope slide for pap smear test
Biomarkers: The key to earlier cancer detection and patient outcomes

CAS and Excelra delved into data surrounding biomarkers and their relationship to cancer to identify key targets for future study.

A healthcare worker in blue protective gear, including a mask and face shield, is standing beside a seated patient in a hospital setting. The patient, with an arm cuff, is looking at a monitor displaying vital signs. Sunlight filters through large windows behind them.
R&D Insight: Unique views into immuno-oncology

Immunotherapy is advancing with new approaches like CAR-T cell therapy, antibody-drug conjugates, and even checkpoint inhibitors.

genetic engineering and dna microarray
AI’s emerging role in natural product drug discovery

AI is redefining natural product drug discovery by unlocking diverse candidates from plants, microbes, and more.

Antimicrobial susceptibility test Antibiogram Antibiotic resistance bacteria
Bacteria vs. science: A race against the resistance

Antimicrobial-resistant infections are a global public health crisis. New solutions like AI, alternative therapeutics, and innovations in materials offer a way to fight back.

Ground Plastic Flakes
Reducing waste through digital transformation

Learn how digital transformation is reducing waste and creating new revenue streams for companies as they repurpose waste byproducts.

Microscopic view of human blood cells stained for analysis. The image shows a mix of light brown, small elongated cells (likely red blood cells) and larger, round dark purple cells (likely white blood cells or cells stained for identification).
Emerging trends in immunotherapy and cancer

Immuno-oncology has the potential to treat cancer without sacrificing the patient's wellbeing.

swirly picture
Dealing with the challenges of drug discovery

The pharma industry is tackling major drug discovery challenges in several new ways. Have they been successful?

Making pharmaceutical formulation data discoverable

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are investigating ways to cultivate insights from dark formulations data, turning once-hidden knowledge into drug discoveries.

water droplets on a green surface
Four uses for renewable feedstock in sustainable coatings

With the push towards increased sustainability, here are four ways coatings manufacturers are making use of renewable feedstock for their own products.

A person sitting at a table prepping medicine
Can pharma overcome obesity?

Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro are part of a new class of semaglutides (GLP-1 receptor agonists) that help treat obesity and diabetes by regulating blood sugar and appetite.

a mother holds her baby girl in her arms.
Are covalent inhibitors the key to curing cancer?

CAS and Totus Medicines discuss how targeted covalent inhibitors are revolutionizing cancer treatments.

a close up of a hexagonal structure.
Tiny technology, big possibilities

Single-walled carbon nanotubes have great potential in several industries from renewable energy to drug delivery.

Profile shot of Iddo Friedberg
Challenges and opportunities in protein function prediction for drug discovery

Iddo Friedberg, an expert in protein function prediction, shares how current prediction models are performing and what current bottlenecks remain.

a child holding a stuffed animal
R&D insights: The covalent inhibitor revolution

Covalent inhibitors were once avoided due to negative side effects, but new drugs have changed the landscape.

Scientists in lab coats conducting experiments in a laboratory.
The rise of covalent inhibitors in strategic therapeutic design

Drugs created with covalent inhibitors are becoming more popular than other types, owing to their unique mechanism of action.

a close-up of a virus
R&D insights: Antibody-drug conjugates

More than 100 antibody-drug conjugates are in clinical trials. These therapeutics combine the targeting abilities of antibodies with the power of chemotherapy to change cancer treatment.

a close-up of a molecule
Unveiling the potential of the antibody drug conjugate

Since 2018, research interest in antibody-drug conjugates has increased exponentially, due to their potential in the fight against cancer.

a group of people on a stage at nobel
Quantum dots win the 2023 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

CAS scientists discuss overlooked ideas that have yet to win a Nobel Prize. From OLEDs and MOFs to mRNA therapeutics and more, these ideas have reshaped science and technology.

abstract animation of a network of connected lines and dots connected by a network of connected lines.
Prior art search and analysis for scientific IP strategies

Incomplete prior art searches and analyses can lead to costly mistakes, leaving innovations and the value of intellectual property open to huge risk.

A series of connected blue dots
Digital transformation in the chemical industry: Steps to a sustainable future

Digital initiatives are transforming the chemical industry, allowing for faster innovation and a sustainable future.

a man and woman pointing at a computer screen
Navigating patentability assessments in scientific industries

Patentability assessments in scientific industries come with significant challenges due to their complexity. However, CAS has tools designed to address these issues.

Arrow pointing from xray of a human gut to a person's brain
Webinar on gut microbiome-brain alliance: The connection to health and disorders

CAS, Bayer, and Caltech explore how the gut-brain axis influences health from IBS to autism.

A digital illustration featuring concentric circles with glowing blue lines and colorful particles radiating from the center, creating a dynamic, futuristic tunnel effect. The background is dark, enhancing the vibrant colors and intricate patterns.
Pharma data management: Revealing breakthroughs that lie in darkness

Strategies to unlock dark data in the pharmaceutical industry. Reveal data insights and accelerate innovation through digitization and knowledge management.

blue and white lines on a black background
CAS Symposium Explores Convergence of Biology and Chemistry in Emerging Therapeutics

CAS, the LaJolla Institute for Immunology, and Avidity Biosciences explore the convergence of biology and chemistry in emerging therapeutics for cancer, vaccines, and more.

blue swirl with green light
Digital transformation in pharma: Improving R&D through digital solutions

Digital initiatives are transforming the pharmaceutical industry, allowing for faster drug development and expanded treatment options.

Birds-eye view of two cargo ships
Understanding the power of catalysis

Catalysts and catalysis have transformed our world, from ancient times to modern sustainability. Learn about the latest research trends and innovations.

A plant-based burger on a table
Going green with plant-based meat sustainability

With consumers changing their diets for personal and health reasons, innovation to increase quality and variety creates a diverse and competitive market.

A collection of colorful liquids in glass containers.
Multifunctional cosmetics: Developing a product that ‘does it all’

Hero ingredients can help create more advanced and versatile formulations than ever before as consumers slim down their cosmetic routines.

Successful rocket take off into the starry sky with the milky way
Mars is calling, but how will Artemis fuel the journey?

Chemistry is powering space exploration with rocket fuel and engine technologies. Discover the advantages and challenges of using LOX/LH2 as a propellant for the Artemis mission.

R&D insights: Sustainable catalysts for the future

Catalysts have been enabling green chemistry with applications in many industries.

Senior chemistry professor writing on the board
Are large language models right for scientific research?

ChatGPT has redefined the conversation around AI but is it right for scientific research? Find out more about the path ahead for LLMs in science.

From fighting viruses to tackling tumors: Harnessing mRNA vaccines to treat cancer

Thanks to mRNA vaccines, which have revolutionized the fight against COVID-19, we can treat cancer by harnessing the power of the immune system.

Top 10 emerging trends in biomaterials

Biomaterials like hydrogels, lipid nanoparticles, and exosomes are reshaping the landscape of drug delivery, diagnosis, and therapeutics.

Patent searching: Going beyond the basics to increase efficiency

Learn how leveraging patent tools and strategies can accelerate your path toward comprehensive searches and stronger insights.

Aging reimagined: Exploring the potential of anti-aging treatment strategies

Discover the latest in anti-aging treatment strategies to promote health and longevity, including stem cell therapies, hyaluronic acid, senolytics, gene therapy, and more.

Executive summary: What’s next in anti-aging treatments?

Research in anti-aging treatments has reached a pivotal point. How do new treatments, drugs, and clinical trials compare to time-tested practices?

IP Insights Competitive Edge Blog hero
The why’s and how’s of partnerships in scientific patent searching

Accelerate and improve the ROI of your IP and R&D initiatives by partnering with an industry and IP expert.

Infographic: What can be done about microplastics?

Microplastics have infiltrated our entire world, even down to the water we drink and food we eat. Researchers are looking at new ways to address them.

Jefferson Parker
Challenges and opportunities in sequence analysis during drug discovery

We talk with Jefferson Parker of NullSet Informatics Solutions, about sequence analysis for drug discovery and the frontiers for AI in computational biology.

Technicians are assembling batteries for use in electric vehicles
Supercapacitor technologies: Is graphene finally living up to its full potential?

Graphene-based supercapacitor technologies are being levied for real-world applications as a battery alternative.

Molecular glues blog thumbnail
Targeted protein degradation and induced proximity: Molecular glues landscape in drug discovery

Induced-proximity target protein degradation (TPD) is a ground-breaking strategy in drug discovery that has emerged recently.

Maximize opportunities with a patent landscape analysis

A successful patent landscape analysis can maximize opportunities and de-risk your company's R&D program and other initiatives.

Top emerging trends in mRNA therapeutics

mRNA vaccines created for COVID-19 have led to a slew of new research in mRNA therapeutics.

Unlocking the power of dark data in chemistry R&D: Strategies for success

What is dark data, and how can it be used to unlock data insights and accelerate innovation for R&D?

Infographic: 3D printing is reshaping the future of biomedicine

Discover how advances in 3D printing materials and approaches have reshaped tissues and organ sourcing, drug delivery methods, and wound care.

A 3D printed heart laying on a table
Webinar on 3D printing in biomedicine: CAS, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Toronto

Experts from Mayo Clinic, Direct Biologics, and Aruna Bio discuss how 3D bioprinting is reshaping disease treatment.

Infographic: Top investment trends for RNA and the outlook ahead

Investment in RNA has grown beyond vaccines. Cancer, infectious diseases, and even liver diseases have all been identified for RNA medicines.

Close-Up Of Green Capsules In Blister Packs
Five ways to achieve sustainable medical packaging

Learn five ways to reduce waste and use biodegradable materials to develop sustainable sterile packaging options for medical devices.

The ultimate guide for PEGylated lipid nanoparticles

PEG immunogenicity affects the safety and efficacy of PEGylated lipid nanoparticles for drug delivery. Much work is being done to circumvent this challenge in applying these polymers.

Peer-reviewed journal: PEG immunogenicity and vaccine safety

Learn how PEGylated lipid nanoparticles are used to deliver mRNA vaccines and other drugs, the immunogenicity concerns with vaccines, and emerging approaches on new designs to increase efficacy and safety.

Close-up view of a blue and purple virus particle with a hexagonal patterned surface and protruding protein spikes under a microscope. The background shows another blurred virus particle, giving a sense of depth and magnification.
What you need to know about PEG immunogenicity

PEG immunogenicity is a challenge that affects the safety and efficacy of PEGylated lipid nanoparticles for drug delivery.

Ben R. Taft
Challenges and opportunities in structure-activity-relationship (SAR) studies

We chat with Ben Taft, Sr. Director of Chemistry at Via Nova Therapeutics, about SAR studies and the possible frontiers for bioactivity data.

Friend, not foe: Harnessing the gut microbiome for health benefits

The gut microbiome is a complex ecosystem of trillions of bacteria that live in our digestive tracts with health benefits like immunity, improved mental health, and therapeutic options.

Illustration of bacteria in an intestinal environment. Rod-shaped bacteria are scattered amongst red, finger-like structures lining the intestine. Light shines from the top center, illuminating the scene and the microorganisms.
Recognizing the potential of the gut microbiome

Created in collaboration with Bayer AG, this report discusses the latest research on microbiome-based therapies, microbiota, probiotics, and the wide range of health conditions it can influence.

Illustration of the gut microbiome
Peer reviewed publication: New discoveries on emerging microbiome trends

This publication in the ACS Chemical Neuroscience Journal details a landscape analysis of emerging trends in the gut microbiome space.

Close up side shot of microplastics lay on people hand
R&D Insights: Tiny microplastics with massive implications

Microplastic pollution is a global problem due to their disruption of ecosystems and their ingestion by humans and animals.

White pills arrangement on soft blue background
Advancing progress in the fight against fentanyl

As the leading cause of drug-related deaths, fentanyl has become a public health crisis, but new breakthroughs in developing safer pain medications, reducing side effects, and developing a vaccine may reduce future deaths.

Exosomes, the rising star of therapeutics: Infographic

Exosomes are reshaping the future of drug delivery, therapeutics, and diagnostics. Learn about exosomes and the challenges with the technology.

3D printing machine with CAD design on screen in orthopaedic factory
R&D Insights: 3D printing in biomedical applications

3D printing has major biomedical applications. See the new technologies that are reshaping personalized healthcare.

cas synthetic organic chemistry report hero
Top emerging trends in synthetic organic chemistry

CAS and the Chinese Academy of Sciences explore hidden connections and publication trends in synthetic organic chemistry.

cas synthetic organic chemistry journal hero
Synthetic organic chemistry: Peer-reviewed landscape publication

This article, published in collaboration with the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and CAS, examines the state of global synthetic organic chemistry research with a focus on enzyme catalysis, photocatalysis, and green chemistry.

Renewable energy concept Earth Day or environment protection
R&D Insights: Sustainable agriculture and fertilizer production

Agriculture and fertilizers have a sustainability problem. Understand emerging trends around reducing this industry's carbon emissions.

The science behind dioxins, vinyl chloride, and proven remediations

Incidents like the East Palestine chemical spill have led researchers to reevaluating the safety of transporting hazardous materials.

Webinar on nature’s lipid nanoparticles: Exosomes

Exosomes have enormous potential in drug delivery, diagnostics, and more. Mayo Clinic, Direct Biologics, and Aruna Bio discuss the full landscape.

RNA medicines: what technologies are investors funding?

RNA medicine has spawned many new technologies and approaches. Examine market trends and where investors are funneling their money.

R&D Insights: Exosomes in drug delivery and diagnostics

The expansion of exosome research has led to significant clinical advancements, and new approaches to drug delivery and diagnostics.

This image shows a complex arrangement of gray and orange electrical cables and connectors, possibly part of a battery or electronic system. The cables are neatly organized, with some tied together, running horizontally and vertically along a structured metal framework.
New advances in recycling of lithium-ion batteries

Discover a new approach for direct recycling that could make it possible to repair and reuse depleted batteries at a lower cost.

Scientist using microscope to observe tiny specimen.
From polymers to prosthetics: the growth of 3D printing in biomedicine

From prosthetic ears to artificial organs, learn about the latest trends and innovations in 3D printing in biomedicine.

A scientist in a lab with a Hazmat suit on.
Trends and innovations in biomedical 3D printing

We are in the middle of a 3D printing revolution, and its applications reach into biomedicine. See how it can reshape this field.

3D Printing HERO 1920x1080 Option2
Explore biomedicine’s 3D printing scientific journal review

The possibilities of 3D printing in biomedicine are nearly limitless, as evidenced by this journal publication.

Play button thumbnail with the title of the post on it.
Is nuclear energy critical in solving climate change?

Nuclear energy could play a part in solving climate change, but there are still hurdles and challenges that must be overcome.

Top scientific breakthroughs and emerging trends for 2023

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest in emerging science and cutting-edge research that is accelerating the landscape of innovation in 2023.

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