SciFinder Webinar - Advancing your research forward by working backwards

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Retrosynthesis with SciFindern: Advancing your research forward by working backwards.





Over  the last 50 years, cheminformatics specialists have been striving to develop computer aided synthetic design solutions to ease the burden of the organic chemist .  While steady advances have been made, there has often been more hype than actual results for those toiling in the lab striving  to create new molecular innovations.

SciFindern  marries state of the art AI technology trained  by the world's most comprehensive and accurate collection of chemical reactions to provide  the premier synthetic planning solution available. Chemists can utilize SciFindern to easily build complete synthetic plans with a blend of  experimentally derived and predicted reaction steps for both novel or known molecules. 

In this webinar, industry thought leaders, Dr. Peter Johnson, professor emeritus at the University of Leeds  and Dr. Orr Ravitz,  Product Manager for Synthetic Solutions at CAS,  will share the story of how the SciFindern solution came to be, and also provide a  detailed look under the hood to reveal how it all works.  Learn the facts on how  SciFindern helps chemists overcome synthetic challenges, obtain new ideas  and be efficient and confident in the lab.