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Global Science & Technology Trends Report: Gene and Cell Therapy R&D

See the major trends in gene and cell therapy R&D that could help the identification of new therapeutic applications for the treatment of traditionally incurable diseases.

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Five Often Overlooked IP Gaps That Can Derail Your Innovation Strategy

Learn about five common IP gaps, how to circumvent them, and the importance of keeping up to date with your overall IP R&D strategy.

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Chemical Inhibitors to RAS Oncoproteins

Learn how CAS partnered with a large health organization to create a custom solution to connect researchers with hidden R&D data.

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CAS IP Research: Opportunities for Accelerating Innovation and Mitigating Risk at the Nexus of Intellectual Property and R&D

Learn how commercial companies are using new methods to align IP objectives with growth strategies by transforming IP management.

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Global Science & Technology Trends Report: Therapeutic Fusion Protein R&D

Learn why therapeutic fusion proteins have become popular among drug development researchers for biologics applications.

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How Formulations Data Can Shorten the Time to Develop a Viable Pharmaceutical Product

Learn how high-quality formulations data can enable pharma companies to develop APIs and shorten project timelines more efficiently.