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Ever since the decoding of the human genome and the subsequent opportunities it presented to biotechnogy, pharmaceutical science and medicine, the walls that once separated chemistry and biology have truly crumbled requiring  chemists to understand more biological information. CAS has long supported the needs of chemists and chemistry and this certainly includes providing easy access to biological and medicinal content for research scientists of all scientific backgrounds.  

SciFindern, the newest and most advanced offering in the SciFinder® family, empowers you to quickly find the most relevant, actionable answers that advance your research forward. Whether you already using SciFindern or considering making the switch, this webinar will help improve your search effectiveness, allowing you to save time, be more creative, and increase confidence in your decision making.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • effectively frame searches to quickly find relevant biological content
  • utilize powerful filtering tools to navigate search results based on biological concepts
  • understand how the MEDLINE database is fully integrated in SciFindern