STN Keep and Share Program Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions for archiving and redistributing search results will govern the use of the STN Information Keep & Share Program. These terms and conditions, which are meant to be read as a complete set and not taken out of context, explain how customers may purchase additional permissions for use of data obtained via STN beyond what is referenced in the CAS Information Use Policies and the HELP USAGETERMS restrictions which apply to particular databases. Any other use of such data without the prior express written consent of the database producer is strictly prohibited.

  1. A single, individual user may copy and use information from STN and keep it indefinitely for his or her own individual use.
  2. The ARCHIVE command or keyword allows users to purchase the permission required to store the information indefinitely within their organization for purposes of electronic access by a specified number of individuals employed by the organization (worldwide company or legal entity, including divisions, branches, subsidiaries, and affiliates, whether partially or wholly owned), or by consultants or contract research organizations, but only for the specific purpose for which the data rights were purchased. Each of the specified users as allowed by the database producer, is authorized to make one copy of the record for his or her own use. Authorized archiving of stored data does not include any subsequent copying of said data within the organization. Redistribution of archived data to users other than authorized archival users must be reported through STN's REDISTRIBUTE command.
  3. The REDISTRIBUTE command or keyword allows users to purchase the permission required to redistribute a specified number of copies of data obtained via STN within their organization. Users may also send the data to those under contract to user's organization, such as consultants or contract research organizations, but only for the specific purpose for which the data was purchased. Authorized redistribution applies to machine-readable or paper copies. Any electronic storage should be temporary and only as needed as a means of redistribution (including making paper copies).
  4. It is recommended that for both archiving and redistributing data the user have the capability of limiting archival access and redistribution to only the number of users for which the archival and redistribution rights were purchased.
  5. Authorized redistribution and archiving does not include the creation of a derivative work for resale or other commercial use.
  6. The extraction and manipulation of data (data mining) or the execution of data mining software programs on archived or redistributed data may not be permitted by all participating data owners or database producers. Users are directed to HELP USAGETERMS available online on STN for complete information on such authorized uses.
  7. Information Brokers may make and provide one copy of data obtained from STN to a single customer outside the Information Broker's organization, provided the Information Broker does not remove any existing copyright notice(s) on the data. The customers of Information Brokers may archive or redistribute such data within their organization as long as the appropriate fees are paid to STN by either the Information Broker or the Information Broker's customer.
  8.  Users may access current pricing information for the STN Information Keep & Share Program by referring to the CAS Web page or by contacting CAS Customer Center at 1-800-753-4227.
  9. Information from STN databases is delivered to users as intellectual property, copyrighted by the data owners and/or database producers and subject to the provisions of copyright laws and international copyright conventions and treaties.
  10. These terms and conditions apply to all formats/media of distribution (i.e.; printed, electronic), are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of CAS, and such changes will be effective immediately upon notice or publication of changes on behalf of STN.