CAS Formulus® for today’s schoolwork and tomorrow’s career

From allergy medicine in the morning, lunch in the afternoon, and skincare at night, we are interacting with the work of formulation scientists all day long. Join us to learn how CAS Formulus, a tool for scientists working in formulation chemistry, can help with your schoolwork today and your career tomorrow. 

What you will learn

  • An overview of formulation science 
  • How to review published formulations 
  • How to explore extensive ingredient details 
  • How to generate novel formulations with Formulation Designer 


Written By

Wendy Dickerson

Customer Success Specialist

Wendy Dickerson joined CAS in 2015 as a help desk specialist in the CAS Customer Center. Her primary responsibilities included answering complex search strategy and CAS product inquiries from customers. Wendy always created a great customer experience by applying her scientific knowledge, product expertise, and positive attitude. In 2022, she became a customer success specialist, where she is now responsible for providing CAS product training sessions for our North American customers. She received a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Western Connecticut State University.