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无论是淹没在信息的海洋之中还是深入挖掘特定的数据,CAS 的定制化解决方案都能最大化您的数字资产价值,让您以数据为依据作出决策,并提高您的创新效率。

CAS SciFinderⁿ

Speed up your science with the leader in chemical intelligence

CAS SciFinderⁿ speeds the process of finding relevant, actionable insights. Featuring the renowned CAS Content Collection relied upon by the scientific community and the most advanced relevance engine in the industry, CAS SciFinderⁿ produces better research in less time.

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CAS Formulus

Develop safe and effective products

CAS Formulus is an integrated formulations database and workflow solution. With curated information from patents and journals spanning industries, CAS Formulus helps formulation scientists evaluate ingredients, find alternative suppliers, and explore regulatory requirements in one easy interface.

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CAS Analytical Methods

Save time with access to in-depth scientific method

CAS Analytical Methods provides a single source for searching and comparing the latest published scientific methods across multiple fields of study. Providing easy-to-read experimental details, CAS Analytical Methods helps get you back in the lab faster.

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Press Releases

CAS launches new brand reflecting strategic evolution to empower smarter science

CAS launched a new brand reflecting the broadening scope of its solutions and capabilities critical to advancing scientific discovery. This new brand mirrors an on-going evolution to enable new and smarter uses of scientific information as a partner to R&D leaders pursuing more efficient, collaborative, and customized innovation models.


A Review of the Global Efforts on COVID-19 Vaccine Development

This report reviews Covid-19 vaccine research, compares the underlying technologies, the use of adjuvants and delivery systems in their application, and provides a perspective on their future direction.

Press Releases

CAS Common Chemistry™ expands collection of publicly available chemical information

CAS has expanded the open access Common Chemistry resource to nearly 500,000 substances from CAS REGISTRY®. The collection represents substances commonly found in consumer products, regulatory lists, and introductory chemistry curricula.

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