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无论是淹没在信息的海洋之中还是深入挖掘特定的数据,CAS 的定制化解决方案都能最大化您的数字资产价值,让您以数据为依据作出决策,并提高您的创新效率。

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The premier IP information platform and the choice for patent experts.

Utilize specialized technology designed to precisely search and analyze scientific content, including unique tools for chemical IP search.

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CAS Scientific Patent Explorer™

A specialized and easy-to-use solution for scientists and IP professionals.

Explore unparalleled content that is aggregated, analyzed, curated, and translated by scientists.

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CAS Search Guard™

Expanded capacity and trusted expertise when you need it most.

Mitigate risks and respond faster to opportunities by taking advantage of the more than 250 years of collective experience in our IP search team.

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FIZ PatMon, an information service provided by FIZ Karlsruhe, is also included as part of the Suite. FIZ PatMon includes comprehensive features to make patent monitoring an automatic process adapted to the workflow of professionals from business, legal, and R&D. For questions related to the use of FIZ PatMon or to activate your FIZ PatMon account, please visit their website.

Build a Foundation for Profitable Digital Transformation in Sci-Tech R&D

How do you get passed the AI hype and begin accelerating discovery in a digital world?  Explore the challenges and opportunities in building a successful digital transformation framework with actionable AI analytics.

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