CAS Accelerates Product Development with Launch of Specialized Formulations Solutions

Largest scientist-curated collection of formulations data provides foundation for solutions that increase R&D efficiency.

Columbus, OH, October 1, 2019 — CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society that specializes in scientific information solutions, has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of Formulus®, a new solution aimed at getting innovations to market faster by addressing the unique information needs of formulations scientists. With product development accounting for an estimated 30% of overall R&D costs, industries including pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals and cosmetics are seeking to spark innovation and increase efficiency. By providing ready access to the detailed insights formulators need, Formulus inspires new ideas, reduces iterations required to optimize each formulation and informs problem resolution.

New formulations-specific solution addresses formulators’ unique needs 

Formulus delivers the world’s largest collection of formulations sourced from journals, patents and product inserts. Integrated with the unmatched CAS substance collection, detailed supplier specifications and regulatory resources, Formulus is a one-stop shop for formulators. Formulus enables users to quickly explore the formulations landscape, identify relevant formulations approaches and source ingredients.

“CAS is keenly focused on improving efficiency throughout the innovation lifecycle,” says Tim Wahlberg, CAS Vice President of Product Management and Strategy. “Our solutions have a long history of delivering insight for research scientists. Formulus extends our offerings to accelerate the development phase. By partnering with formulators over the last 3 years, we have designed an information solution tailored to their unique needs and workflows that helps them get innovations to market faster.”

Accelerating innovation with high-quality data, specialized technology and human expertise

Curated by hundreds of scientists, the new CAS collection of formulations clearly identifies formulation ingredients and their roles and connects formulators to critical insights. This formulation data is also being made available in leading CAS solutions STNext® and SciFindern. The CAS portfolio of solutions informs the end-to-end R&D workflow, ensuring IP professionals and research scientists can precisely search complex formulations disclosures to identify critical patent information, assess novelty and gain relevant context for development of active ingredients. CAS formulations content can also be licensed for in-house projects and applications. 

“Product development is always on the edge of knowledge; you can use what people have done before to guide you. Formulus has been really effective helping me do that.” stated Barry Fanning, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, The Andersons, Inc. “The level of searchability allows me to wade through all the literature more effectively to get to the answer and get into the lab with a more informed baseline.” 

Formulations play a critical role in bringing safe and effective new products to market. Formulus empowers innovation and ensures that formulators start the development phase on the most efficient path. Over 70% of formulators that tested Formulus confirmed that it helped them narrow focus more quickly. This reduces the overall time and resources required to optimize each formulation from early-phase clinical trials to the final marketable product.

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