STN IP Protection Suite Terms and Conditions

The following links will direct you to the terms and conditions applicable to the products and services included in the STN IP Protection Suite™.


CAS Scientific Patent Explorer

CAS Search Guard

FIZ PatMon Service

CAS Search Guard is provided by the CAS IP Services team. To submit a Search Guard request, please contact CAS.

  Phone: 866.360.0814 (North America)
    +1 614.447.5650 (Worldwide)

Submit a request using the secure portal or

    Fill out and email a Search Request form (PDF) to

FIZ PatMon Service is provided by FIZ Karlsruhe.  For questions related to use of FIZ PatMon Service or to activate your FIZ PatMon account, please contact FIZ Karlsruhe.

  Phone: +49 7247 808 555
  Online:  Submit Contact Form