Pistoia Alliance Chemical Safety Library

The use of dangerous chemicals in the laboratory puts researchers at increased risk of injury - even death. To protect from these risks, it is critical that hazardous reaction incident information is shared widely, across the global research community.

The Pistoia Alliance Chemical Safety Library (CSL) is a new open-access platform that streamlines access to hazardous reaction information crowd-sourced from academic, industry and government institutions around the world. Developed and hosted by CAS, the CSL supports laboratory safety by providing tools to:

  • Search for hazardous reaction information by CAS Registry Number®, chemical name, SMILES and more.
  • Contribute new hazardous reaction incident information to the library.
  • Download aggregated information to integrate with internal workflows and knowledge bases.
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The CAS and Pistoia Alliance Partnership

By facilitating open sharing of critical safety data, CAS and Pistoia Alliance are committed to improving safety in the global research community.

The Pistoia Alliance is a global, not-for-profit member organization whose mission is to drive collaboration and empower organizations to work together for success.  A key and vital component of this mission is a dedication to increased laboratory and personal safety across chemical industries and academia.

CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society that specializes in scientific information solutions, is committed to safety as a core organizational value and provides unique information management expertise and technology: