CAS Case Studies

Learn how Westlake University partnered with CAS Custom Services to develop the “Top 10 Emerging Trends in Biomaterials Report.”
A partnership between Brazilian researchers and CAS preserves rich biodiversity data.
A knowledge-graph-based approach helps researchers explore the connections between information, leading to faster discovery.
A multinational consumer goods company worked with CAS to create a feedstock intelligence platform that empowers their purchasing team for better price negotiations.
Sinking under thousands of patents and related documents, WIPO sought to partner with a scientific information specialist to accelerate its patent-searching process.
Learn how CAS helped Servier reduce its chemical inventory by approximately 40%.
CAS partnership with INPI Brazil demonstrates AI success in increasing examiner productivity​.
Toray industries revitalizes their data collection methods with training from CAS.
Curated training sets from CAS improve the prediction accuracy of an AI model.
ICL discovers new uses for waste compounds with better data connections.
Explore how the CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform helped a Brazilian company tackle regulatory challenges.
Please take a look at the measurable impact data quality has on machine learning results.
CAS helps a large health-tech organization unlock the potential of their dark data.
CAS repairs incorrect internal data to accelerate R&D growth and reduce expenses.