ChemDraw® and SciFinderⁿ

Conveniently search the renowned CAS collection of substances, reactions, references and chemical source information available in SciFindern based on structures drawn in ChemDraw® Professional 19 from Perkin Elmer© .

It's as Simple As 1, 2, 3

1. Draw your Structure in ChemDraw and Click the SciFindern Button

Draw structure in ChemDraw and search in SciFinder-n

2. Choose the Desired Search Option

Select SciFinder-n search option in ChemDraw


3.  Review Your Results in SciFindern

Review ChemDraw search results in SciFinder-n

The convenience of searching for substances and reactions in SciFinder from ChemDraw is now also implemented in SciFindern, the most advanced research solution from CAS, and a new caliber in chemical intelligence.

With SciFindern, ChemDraw users experience these additional benefits:

  • Additional search options such as Markush, References and Chemical Supplier
  • A streamlined interface that supports multiple SciFindern browser tabs

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