SciPlanner in SciFinder

SciPlannerTM is an interactive workspace to organize substance, reaction and reference search results, and plan syntheses projects all in one place before heading to the lab or sharing with colleagues.

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SciPlanner is:

  • Personal. You’re the designer. You determine how you want to organize your search results including references, substances and reactions.
  • Visual. Select images, structures and reaction schemes and arrange them in a way you can see and understand.
  • Central. One single location within SciFinder that acts as a hub of information – store information you select from substances, reactions and references across multiple searches.
  • Interactive. Link to all our databases in “real time” with flexible content navigation options. Launch complimentary searches to find and organize information essential to your project.


SciPlanner workspace in SciFinder


Many possibilities. Scientists use SciPlanner to:

  • Build retrosynthetic alternatives – Create a linked synthesis plan that fits your budget, schedule and resources by compiling multiple reactions together from several documents. 
  • Compare synthetic routes – Quickly choose the best option for your needs with side-by-side comparison possibilities (complexity, number of steps, starting material availability).
  • Share projects and improve productivity – Simply create an interactive plan in the SciPlanner exchange format and share it with other SciFinder users at your organization.


SciPlanner synthesis screenshot



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