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The foundational elements of Chemistry

What is ChemZent?

As scientists work on solving the problems of today, there is much to be learned from the past. Information gaps in your collection can cause wasted time and missed opportunities. ChemZent® makes historical research accessible by providing an essential resource, Chemisches Zentralblatt to anyone researching chemistry. Available digitally and fully translated from the original German for the first time, ChemZent extends your SciFindern search back to 1830, empowering researchers with additional decades of crucial breakthroughs.

Digital and Searchable
Translated to English
Integrated with SciFinderⁿ
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How Does ChemZent Help?

ChemZent connects your institution to significant historical revelations, allowing researchers to learn from the past to advance the future.

  • Enhance awareness of essential historic chemistry
  • Increase discoverability within older literature
  • Improve comprehensiveness of chemistry searches
  • Optimize shelf space with the digitization of 300 books
  • Avoid critical gaps in your collection
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