STN Library & Information Science (LIS) Training Program

This program is designed for students in library schools and information science programs. The STN LIS program supports inclusion of STN® in the curriculum of Library and Information School programs at no cost for qualifying institutions. The LIS Program helps students become knowledgeable STN searchers, a key skill for library school graduates.

What is STN? STN is the search tool that information professionals and patent experts, including the world’s major patent offices, depend on for precision searching and comprehensive, timely, and high-quality coverage of scientific and intellectual property information. STN provides access to key science, technology, and patent databases and is the premier single source for the world’s disclosed scientific and technical research.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How much does it cost to participate in the program?

A. There is no cost for an institution to participate. All materials and online searching in the program databases are provided free of charge.


Q. What qualifications are required to participate in the program?

A. Eligible colleges and universities must offer a graduate-level library science, information science, or a similar program designed to train information professionals. Participants must also agree to the Terms and Conditions of the STN LIS Training Program and submit the necessary Program Agreement form (PDF).


Q. How does a college or university enroll in the program?

A. A designee of the college or university must sign and return the STN LIS Training Program Agreement form (PDF). Once registered, any faculty teaching a qualifying class at the college or university may request login IDs and program materials independently.


Q. What type of training and faculty support is provided?

A. The STN LIS program makes available Workbooks (PDF), Workbook presentation (PowerPoint), Quick Reference Cards (PDF), Skills Practice Problems (PDF) and Suggested Solutions to Skills Practice Problems (PDF). 


Q. Which databases are available in the program?

A. The STN LIS Training Program currently includes the following databases in their entirety:

  • CAS References
  • CAS Reactions
  • CAS Chemical Supplier Insights
  • CIN® 
  • EPFULL  
  • ICSD
  • JAPIO 
  • USPAT2


The STN LIS Training program also includes STN learning databases. Learning databases are great to discover database content and layout and to test your search strategies. These databases include a small percentage of the records from the full database and are not updated. The following learning databases are included in the program:

  • LCA
  • LWPI

For more information on these databases, view the specific STN Database Summary Sheets.


Q. Which STN interfaces are available with the program?

A. Two interfaces are available for student access to STN:

  • STN on the Web offers full-function, web-based experience that students can access at Please note that this is a special login page for students in the STN LIS Training Program. STN LIS Login IDs will not work on the standard STN on the Web login page.
  • STN Express is a software-based interface that requires installation of STN Express. Download the software from the STN Software License and Download site


Q. Who should I contact with questions or comments?

A. For all questions and comments regarding the program, contact the CAS Customer Center