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The Evolution of Epoxy - A CAS Analytics Perspective
With a broad range of industrial applications, epoxy is central to everyday life. Relevant to many industries, epoxy has grown to be a global enterprise and is consumed in all corners of the world. The intellectual property (IP) landscape around epoxy is no different. In this CAS Analytics Perspective, we examine the epoxy IP space to help industry stakeholders advance competitiveness, overcome challenges and drive strategic innovation. Read more
Elevate Your Patent Application Game
Rejection happens, especially at the patent office. Good research and trusted resources minimize the heartaches and headaches of unanticipated rejections. Read more
Tracking Innovation: Russia's Evolving Research Landscape
CAS analysis of the chemically-relevant research landscape in Russia over the last 20 years illustrates significant shifts in research direction over the last 5 years, including the emergence of pharmacology and pharmaceuticals as an important strategic focus area. Read more
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CAS Announces the 2018 CAS SciFinder® Future Leaders
CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, announced today the participants selected for the 2018 CAS SciFinder Future Leaders program. The international Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers will visit CAS headquarters this August to collaborate on new initiatives to support the scientific community, including CAS’s innovative workflow solution, SciFinder-n Read more
Press Releases
The 2017 Best Life Science Contract Research Organization (CRO), ChemPartner, Chooses CAS SciFinder® to Enable Closer Collaboration with Customers
CAS announced a multi-year agreement to provide SciFinder to all scientists at ChemPartner, an R&D service provider for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. ChemPartner was awarded the Best Life Science CRO in the 2017 Global Health & Pharma Magazine Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards. SciFinder is an award-winning CAS information solution that gives scientists the answers they need to progress their research.
Read more
Exceptional IP
An analysis of global patent filings over the past five years from the CAS content collection reveals unique research specializations by country. Understanding these localized specializations provides a strategic opportunity to identify untapped talent pools, as well as new markets or production locations for existing technologies. Read more
Global Science & Technology Trend Report: Graphene Research & Development
A CAS data analytics whitepaper highlighting key trends in the dynamic graphene research landscape. Read more
Innovation from Brazil's Biotechnology Sector Drives Economic Growth
With chemistry as a solid component of the IP portfolio, enhanced government funding for infrastructure, and innovation in the biomedical space, see how Brazil is positioned to capitalize on economic momentum. Read more
Japan: Startups Lead the Way To a More Dynamic, Innovative Business Environment
See how government policy revisions have changed business culture in Japan, resulting in a more energetic environment for innovative startup companies. Read more