CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform: Devise and Implement Your Experiments (presented in Chinese)

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How to design and implement experimental plans and analyze the experimental results by using CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform.

What you will learn

  • Use CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform to design feasible and effective experimental schemes.
  • Learn the experimental procedure in detail, get inspired and ideas when lack of experimental progress. 


Written By

Dr. Zilu Liu

Customer Success Specialist/ACSI China

Dr. Zilu Liu works as Customer Success Specialist in ACSI China. She is responsible for case design and training of CAS products, including CAS SciFinderⁿ, CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform, CAS PatentPak, CAS Analytical Methods, CAS Formulus, etc., as well as new solutions under development by CAS. She’s also responsible for providing specific retrieving strategy and solving users’ questions in using CAS solutions.

Prior to joining ACSI, Zilu worked as Senior Researcher at Center of Biological Synthetic Technology, Asymchem. She’s mainly responsible for enzymatic synthesis and catalyst development. Zilu Liu received her PhD Degree of Organic Chemistry from University College London. Her work and study experience involve multiple research areas, including biotransformation, organic chemistry, organometallic polymer and catalytic hydrogenation.

Date & Time