SciFinderⁿ - A CAS Solution
Less search. More research.

What is SciFinderⁿ?

Research shows that users of today’s information tools spend far too much time trying to find relevant, actionable results. SciFinderⁿ, the newest product in the SciFinder® family, accelerates that process with a frictionless interface to the unmatched CAS content collection and the most advanced chemistry relevance engine in the industry.

SciFinderⁿ At A Glance:

Saves time
Actionable results
Streamlined workflow
Comprehensive and trusted content
Screenshots of SciFinder Detail and Reference pages

How Does SciFinderⁿ Help?

SciFinderⁿ allows scientists to do better research in less time. SciFinderⁿ accelerates research by providing actionable results such as step-by-step synthetic methods and hard to find chemistry in patents.

  • Access a comprehensive collection of content covering chemistry and related sciences from around the globe
  • Pinpoint the most valuable information with chemical search relevance that helps you know where to start
  • Accelerate your research with a streamlined, frictionless interface
  • Save time with direct access to patent documents and step-wise synthetic procedures and methods
  • Empower your entire organization with unlimited access to the world’s most trusted and comprehensive chemistry information

SciFinderⁿ is a registered trademark of the American Chemical Society

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