CHEMCATS Supplier Data Submission

Prepare a list of your chemical compounds available for general sale, using one of the file formats listed below. To determine if the products in your catalog are acceptable for CHEMCATS®, please see Acceptable CHEMCATS Products.  Addition to CHEMCATS is a selective process and requires your catalog to be vetted.

CHEMCATS strongly encourages the inclusion of the following fields for each item in your submission:

  • Chemical name (required for non-structure data files)
  • Synonyms, Trade names
  • Unique catalog Number/Order Number
  • CAS Registry Number® (We strongly suggest the inclusion of CAS RNs with your product data to ensure the accessibility of your data through all CAS customer interfaces, e.g., SciFinder®.)
  • Structure diagram (.sdf format only, images and other formats not accepted)
  • Availability (Maintained in stock, Typically in stock, Limited or intermittent availability, Synthesis on demand) new
  • Ships Within (1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, Over 8 weeks) new
  • Grade
  • Purity
  • Quantities available
  • Prices (indicate currency)
  • SciFinder Order from Source Links
  • Product Information links new
  • Experimental Property field set to Available or Not Available (use Available if any analytical data can be provided upon request) new

Products must be associated with a CAS Registry Number to be accessible to all CAS customer interfaces, e.g., SciFinder. It is important to provide either a CAS Registry Number with your product listing or to include substance identity information that CAS  can use to match your products to the correct CAS RN. Chemical structures in SDF file format are the preferred form of identification. Chemical names that match existing names in CAS REGISTRYSM are an acceptable alternative.

Note:  CAS Client Services provides fee-based substance identification, CAS Registry Number assignment, and chemical name/CAS RN lookup.  If you are unable to provide CAS RNs with your initial product list, please consider contacting CAS Client Services.

Acceptable electronic formats for submitting your products include:

Structure Files:

Non-Structure Files:

Note:  We are unable to receive e-mail attachments exceeding 50 MB.  Contact us for details to upload your data to our FTP site.

Acceptable CHEMCATS Products

Any chemical compound available for general sale is acceptable for listing in CHEMCATS.  Building Blocks, Screening libraries and other standard chemical catalogs are eligible for inclusion.

The following product types are not listed in CHEMCATS:

  • Chemicals available for synthesis on demand, that have not been previously synthesized by the supplier
  • Chemicals available for synthesis on demand, that have been previously synthesized, but do not have supporting proof of synthesis data available upon demand (e.g., Mass spectra or NMR spectra)
  • Non-chemical catalog items, i.e., laboratory supplies, whole animal tissue, kits for analysis, etc.

Please exclude these items from your submission. 

If you have questions regarding the acceptability of your catalog or certain entries in your catalog, please contact us at


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