Capture the promise of digital R&D: Customized data solutions for greater efficiency and insights


Description: Are your R&D teams struggling to acquire, organize and access the chemical data it needs for success? The pressure to deliver on digital R&D aspirations can be overwhelming. 

Learn how CAS Custom Services can help you:

  • Streamline digital workflows by integrating data at point-of-use, such as ELNs and inventory systems
  • Improve the accuracy of predictive chemical analytics and machine learning
  • Source and manage the scientific data needed to power new R&D technologies
  • Build a strong data foundation that supports future growth

Leading innovators have long turned to our scientific information solutions, like SciFindern and STNext. Advancements in digital R&D are evolving needs for high-quality chemical information and insights. That’s why we offer customized access to the data and analytics that power our solutions to optimize workflow efficiencies, uncover novel R&D opportunities and expand innovation pipelines.

This webinar will identify key challenges hindering R&D projects, explore ways to maximize the utility of internal and external data assets and present use cases that highlight the impact of our customized solutions.

Who should attend: R&D leaders, scientists, information professionals, knowledge managers, specialists in cheminformatics or bioinformatics, data scientists, technology and business leaders supporting digital R&D transformation projects.

Speaker: Matt Prissel, Solutions Engineer, CAS Services