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STN® Patent Forums provide an ideal opportunity to learn about the latest features, functionality, and content for patent searching on STN.

Please join us for the next STN Patent Forum on March 1, 2022. This is in conjunction with the PIUG 2022 Biotechnology Conference which is now a Virtual Only meeting.

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PIUG 2022 Biotechnology Conference STNext Workshop

What’s New in STNext

2:30 pm – What’s New in STNext

This session will cover the latest database improvements and developments on STNext, including content updates and new functionality.

Presenter: Darryl French and Jim Brown

3:15 pm – Reload of GENESEQ, PATGENE and USGENE® and the Biosequence Search Module for CAS REGISTRY® 

The sequence searchable databases GENESEQ, PATGENE and USGENE have undergone total reloads on the STNext platform. As a result of these reloads, the databases are able to complete searches in less time, and new BLAST search options are now available. This session will describe the improvements to these databases due to the reloads, and how best to take advantage of these new features. The session will also cover the new CAS Biosequence module for BLAST, CDR, and Motif searching of Registry, including options for exporting and creating reports.

Presenters: Jim Brown and John Kratunis

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