The Rise of Biologics: Connecting Scientific and IP Insights to Drive Innovation

Biologics research, commercialization, and production have experienced unprecedented growth in recent decades, making it an attractive space for drug development. However, with this growth comes the challenge of navigating the complex and competitive intellectual property (IP) landscape for innovators in the field of next-generation therapeutics.

In this webinar, our speakers review some of the latest trends in biologics innovation and explore the complications of searching the IP landscape. This session highlights the critical importance of staying up to date with evolving trends to determine freedom to operate, understand patentability, and maximize ROI in the R&D pipeline for biotech and drug development-focused organizations.

With a focus on practicality, this webinar, presented in partnership with Xtalks, valuable tips and strategies for developing effective search approaches in the complex realm of biologics-related IP.

What you will learn

  • Trends in the global biologics IP landscape.
  • Unique challenges of searching biologics-related IP and understanding the competitive landscape.
  • The importance of developing a comprehensive search strategy to inform investment and protect innovations.