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Substances – SciFinder® provides easy, instant access to CAS REGISTRYSM, the gold standard for substance information, offering more substances than any other single-source tool including organic and inorganic molecules, DNA, RNA, proteins, polymers and Markush structures.

SciFinder saves you time with convenient access to:

  • Organic and inorganic substances
  • DNA and protein sequences
  • Experimental properties and properties predicted by state-of-the-art technology
  • 13C and 1H NMR spectra and mass spectra
  • Bioactivity and target indicator (protein, enzyme, glycoprotein, etc.) information
  • Commercial availability and pricing information with purchasing options all within your SciFinder session
  • Regulatory information
  • Substances found in patents, journals and reputable web sources from around the world

 SciFinder substance display record

Reactions - Reduce time and effort searching the most current chemical reaction information on SciFinder for synthetic organic and organometallic reactions, natural product syntheses and biotransformation reactions.

SciFinder offers convenient access to:

  • Single- and multi-step reactions from journals and patents
  • Experimental procedures with content from all ACS publication journals, Springer, Taylor and Francis publications and English, German and Japanese (translated to English) language patents from authorities such as USPTO, EPO, JPO and WIPO.
  • Reaction conditions (time, temperature, pressure, yields, etc.), catalysts, solvents and more.
  • Descriptions of catalysts, solvents and yields
  • Comprehensive commercial availability and pricing information for reactants, reagents, catalysts and solvents covering hundreds of catalogs and suppliers
  • Reactions from 1840-present
  • Updated daily


Reaction diagram and experimental procedure display from SciFinder

References - Save time with instant access to the world’s most up-to-date and comprehensive source for chemistry, biomedical, patent coverage and related science information.

SciFinder is the only source that brings you information from early discovery through clinical trials with combined CAplusSM and MEDLINE® access in a single tool.

And PatentPak®, a robust patent workflow solution, offers instant access to hard-to-find chemistry in full-text patents directly in SciFinder.

Rely on SciFinder for convenient access to:

  • Thousands of active journals from CAplus and MEDLINE
  • 64 patent authorities with the most expansive Asian coverage
  • Citing references beginning in 1997
  • Combined information from patents, journals, dissertations, abstracts, reviews, books, reputable web sources and more
  • Information covering organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, applied and physical chemistry, biology, medicine, engineering, material science, agricultural science and more
  • References from 1800s-present
  • Updated daily

Bibliographic reference display record from SciFinder