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CAS introducing transformational capabilities to accelerate life sciences innovation

December 15, 2022

The world’s most trusted source for scientific information, CAS, leverages new content, technologies, and expertise to advance its life sciences growth initiative

Columbus, OH, December 15, 2022 — CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society specializing in scientific information solutions, announced several initiatives to once again transform scientific research, and empower more rapid discovery for life sciences innovation.  

CAS is expanding its comprehensive, highly structured, human-curated scientific data with the introduction of life sciences assets. The CAS Content Collection™ now includes exhaustive biological sequences and bioactivity information designed to accelerate early-stage drug discovery research, with future additions including antibodies, omics, and more.

CAS is collaborating with Chemotargets to leverage Clarity® to serve as its technology foundation for rapid development, with future investments driving integration and expansion to cover the end-to-end pharmaceutical R&D workflow and accelerate therapeutic innovation.  

“Unique insights derived from combining high-quality, comprehensive CAS scientific data with new technologies will enable drug discovery scientists to efficiently analyze how a modification in molecular structure may change the effect or toxicity of a drug, to evaluate drug-target-disease relationships, to assess freedom to operate in an area, and ultimately to design better, safer drugs with less financial risk,” said Manuel Guzman, President, CAS. “Our goal is to empower every aspect of drug discovery across scientific disciplines, including biology, and this expansion reflects a historic milestone on our path to accelerate life sciences research.”

CAS recently established a Life Sciences Industry Advisory Board comprising a world-class panel of global thought leaders from commercial, academic, and government organizations. These experts serve as trusted advisors, directing our scientific journey as we combine authoritative content with groundbreaking predictive technologies that span the spectrum of life sciences workflows. Under their advisement, CAS life sciences investments will continue, with focused content and capabilities to drive better decisions early in the drug discovery process…from understanding disease progression with its comprehensive biological pathway data to assessing the effectiveness of investigational drugs with enriched molecular biomarker data.

“Our enhanced capabilities, including predictive pharmacology tools and analytical visualization of drug-target-disease interactions, will be a leap forward for medicinal chemists and other drug discovery professionals,” according to Tim Wahlberg, Chief Product Officer, CAS. “Scientists will be able to leverage the most advanced relevance engine in the industry alongside new capabilities, not only to find inspiration for new ideas, but also to predict the viability and safety of drug candidates very early in the drug discovery process.”

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