Full text options


Full Text Options links users of (CAS) SciFinder®, STN®, and other electronic CAS solutions to articles from thousands of electronic journals at no additional charge! Similar options are also available to provide links to electronic patent documents from Espacenet (European Patent Office).

See Article and Patent examples.

Administrators and Librarians

Maximize your scientists' use of electronic and print journals.

Full-text linking services are already available to your user community via CAS SciFinder, any STN product, or CAS electronic products. No set up, file configuration, or file sharing required.

Why use Full Text Options?

  • It's free. As a built-in feature of CAS SciFinder and STN, your user community has easy access to your organizations electronic journal subscriptions.
  • It increases the use and value of your electronic access rights and print journal holdings because your scientists can view them at anytime -- right from their desktops.
  • Advanced features allow you to customize CAS Full Text Options to your needs and to provide links to your library using OpenURL technology -- at no additional cost. Contact CAS Customer Center if you need any assistance.

Reference Linking

CAS Reference Linking provides scientists and information professionals with the full bibliographic information and abstracts for citations found in electronic full-text articles.

With CAS Reference Linking, you can link from a citation within an e-journal to view its title, authors, source, and abstract.